Valley General Hospital Wound Healing Center Shares With CareForce Clinicians

Sandie Smith, from the Valley General Hospital Wound Healing Center, shared information about the services offered by their amazing staff.  We learned more about hyperbaric treatment, ultrasonic wound debridement, and treatment courses for those individuals who have wounds that aren’t healing after 30 days of standard dressing procedures.  Now CareForce clinicians have one more tool in their toolbox: a relationship with wound care specialists that will provide their expertise when we need it.  CareForce RN’s can admit you to our home health program (if you do not qualify for Medicare Home Health), evaluate your wound, work with your physician in regards to wound care, when appropriate delegate non-sterile, non-complex wound care to our caregivers, and recommend oversite and treatment by a Wound Healing Center when the wounds are either complex or not healing.  Sandie’s presentation generated excellent discussion about CareForce procedures related to wound management in our home health division.   Perhaps more important, our oversite by clinicians provides a Plan of Care which can prevent wound development through proper skin care.  Thanks Sandie for your expertise. Find their Wound Healing Center at