Winter Storm Did not Strand Local Home Care Agency

Delivering care for vulnerable people during times of emergency

Equipped with snow chains, bags of kitty litter and determination, owners Susan ‘Sam’ Miller and Diedrich Meinken let nothing stand in the way of delivering essential care to their homebound customers.  Dubbed ‘CareForce1″ and “CareForce2”, Sam and Diedrich stood by 24 hours/day during this winter’s sudden snowstorms to shuttle dozens of caregivers around the icy slopes of King and Snohomish Counties.

When the fire department was unable to safely reach the home of a West Seattle client, Katheryn Howell the company’s Tukwila Branch Manager, was able to deliver a faithful caregiver to the home of a senior citizen dependent on the services provided by CareForce.  In a separate instance, another dedicated caregiver abandoned her car in a snow bank to arrive at her shift on time, with cold feet and a warm heart.

CareForce, celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, was the first home care agency in Washington to provide its clients with a Written Reliability Guarantee.  CareForce and other private home care agencies serve thousands of vulnerable people who are dependent on their caregivers for assistance with meals, personal care, medication reminders, safety and companionship.

As a precaution in inclement weather, this serves as a reminder to vulnerable people to plan ahead for emergencies.  Register with alternate transportation services, develop a plan for care with family members and neighbors during emergencies such as snowstorms or flooding.  Be sure to have supplies of food, drinking water and medications sufficient for 3 to 5 days on hand, have flashlights, warm clothing and blankets in places that you can easily access.

Nevertheless, if the winter of 2009 blankets our streets in snow, CareForce can be trusted to take care of you or your loved one.