Celebrating Essie’s Retirement after 17 years

I know she said she wasn’t actually retiring yet, Essie Jackson actually did retire from CareForce after 17 years as a caregiver.  When you consider that CareForce is now in it’s 18th year, it seems remarkable that one of the first caregivers to be hired as our agency was a fledgling startup would remain a steadfast employee through the entirety of our agency journey …. so far.  With in  a few years of discovering that she was a good fit for caregiving, Jackson returned to school to obtain her Nursing Assistant Certified credential.  Clearly she is a life long learner.  Live in was an excellent niche for Jackson.  She could arrive at a client home on Monday morning with suitcase in hand, provide personal, companion, and light housekeeping care to the client and sometimes a spouse for 3 or 4 days, then take her next few days off for herself.  This gave her opportunity to do what was a key focus of her life, visit children and grandchildren.  She would beam upon a return trip after she watched her grandkids participate in swimming. Whether the client lived in Bellevue or Seattle, she could always find her way to a client home.  Jackson will always be CareForce royalty.  Reliable, amiable, fastidious, skillful, and up for the challenge, she gave the best of herself to her clients week in and week out.  CareForce misses her already.  Thank you Essie for all your caring and loyalty.  You were there with us from the beginning.  Good luck in your next adventure.