Veronica and Jessica win “Carry Your Team Members On Your Shoulder Award”

Veronica dG., Payroll and Billing Specialist, and Jessica R., RN Care Manager were awarded the coveted “Carry your Team Member on Your Shoulder Award” for January, 2017.  This operations team award highlights stand out performance in lifting up their team and pushing them forward in terms of service and quality.


Jessica has recently spearheaded the ability of CareForce to provide in home IV infusion services through her volunteering to make this happen.  In Seattle and Bellevue, clients have praised her can do attitude.  In addition she stepped up big time when one of her team members had a family emergency.


Veronica is a master mind at making certain that billing is accurate and that every one dots their i’s and crosses their t’s so that payroll and billing can be done on time every week.  These two really hit service and cooperation out of the park these past couple of months.  Join me in telling them congratulation.