Catching up with Careforce in 2018

Welcome, world, to Careforce 2018!

I know, we are a mere 10 months late in wishing you and your loved ones a terrific New Year, but better late than never!

Admittedly, blogging took a back seat to different priorities at Careforce as 2017 waned.

During the second half of last year, Careforce began an exciting journey and transformation that saw us take on Medicaid patients for the first time (look to next week’s blog for the scoop on this), grow and change our

operations and clinical staff into the most phenomenal and talented team we have boasted to date, expanded our caregiving force by over 10%, and transition to a new EMR (Electronic Medical Records system– more on that later).

The last ten months have been just as exhilarating.

The team has continued to evolve and adapt to our growing and changing business as we have set records for both Managed Care and Skilled Nursing visits.  We have met and exceeded our goals for our Medicaid contracts with both King and Snohomish counties.  Our fearless leader, Owner, and CEO, Susan ‘Sam’ Miller, was named an Honorary Dean at the School of Nursing at University of Washington.  Not to mention, our Lynnwood and Tukwila locations have completely transitioned to that new EMR, called Kantime.

That last part, about that new software, Kantime, is particularly exciting to our team because of the power it will provide us in turning our attention to something that we believe is the future of home care, home health, and skilled nursing in the greater Seattle area: data-driven population health analytics.  This new framework will allow us to have better insight into our customers and patients’ health care journey, helping us to express quantitatively what we already believe: that home care and home health is imperative to improving patient care and experience, and that Careforce has unmatched clinical talent and expertise in doing so.

Curious about what we are doing today to set the bar for home care and home health?

More to come on that in future blogs, but for now, give us a call!  Or send us an email at  Dean Sam will be happy to ring you back if she misses you, or drop you a line about the difference that data-driven health care can mean for you or your loved ones.

As always, cheers, to a happy New year, and to the holidays that are somehow just a few weeks away.