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5 Simple Steps to Keep Your Home ‘Senior Accessible’

5 Simple Steps to Keep Your Home ‘Senior Accessible’

According to a recent study completed by the American Association of Retired Seniors (AARP) nine out of ten Senior Americans prefer to continue living in their current home for the next five to ten years with only 22% planning to make any real modifications. Preserving independence, safety and comfort are some of the key elements needed to continue living at home. Below are 5 simple ways to make that happen.

5 Simple Steps to stay safe at home in Seattle:

Install handrails in the shower. The National Institute on Aging (NIA) says 80% of fall related injuries among seniors over the age of 65 happen in the bathroom. Having something sturdy to grasp while getting in and out of the shower or tub is an easy and affordable way to decrease a major fall risk.
Keep home free of excess clutter. We have all heard the saying a tidy space makes for a tidy mind. Keeping a senior home free of clutter especially on the floor can reduce fall risk, eliminate pest problems and make it easier to direct Caregivers on where things are kept. Other than cleaning supplies and a Saturday afternoon the cost is very minimal.
Remove or nail down all rugs. Although a fall risk is greatest in the bathroom, they can happen anywhere in the home. Removing all rugs or insuring they are secured in place is an easy way to lower the risk of an accidental fall.
Set up a LifeLine. A Lifeline is a personal alarm system easily installed within the home to empower Seniors in case of a fall or other accident ensuring someone will be there quickly with just the press of a button. Rural Snohomish and King Counties are vast, so a senior in Snohomish or Maple Valley has a button to push that brings far away help closer, quicker. Click the link to find out how CareForce can set you up with a Phillips Lifeline today!
Install adequate lighting. By the time we turn 60 we have lost one third of our eyesight. Whether you live in new housing in Redmond or the same home for 50 years in Seattle or Bellevue, having lights installed underneath dark kitchen cabinets, lamps near bed sides and auto adjusting night lights that guide the way from room to room make it easy for Seniors to navigate safely throughout the home.

Often times a home, especially a home lived in for many years, holds memories and an emotional attachment. With these simple steps, we can empower Seniors to continuing living in their homes safely and confidently.



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