24 Hour Live-In Care

Do you or your loved one need someone with them around the clock for safety supervision or personal care needs, yet your sleep patterns at night are predictable and you only need assistance once or twice at night?
Then Live-In Care may be your most affordable CareForce service for those needs. A team of two caregivers provide care throughout the week: one aide arrives and stays for 3-4 days, while the next one arrives at the end of that time and stays for 3-4 days. CareForce clinicians can help you decide if this is a good option.
CareForce does require our Live-In Nighttime Assessment shifts to assess the safety for you and our caregiver during the night. Federal Wage and Hour Requires that your nighttime care needs be limited to once or twice during the nights, the caregiver sleeps in a separate room from you, and that there be a safe system for awakening our caregiver when you have needs at night.
Nurse Caring for Elder Patients

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